Ooh la la ladies and gentlemen! I have the answer. I have the ticket. I have the intoxicating truth! Well I guess it would be a little less bold to say MY intoxicating truth.

I am forever preaching that when a woman is turned on, and in her pleasure, the whole world benefits. She is alluring, intoxicating, magnetic, addictive. Others, men and women alike cannot help but be drawn to that kind of illuminated radiance.

Up until last night, I forgot that this little occurrence is not confined to a person experiencing a female. Men have this glorious power as well. I feel a bit foolish having been turned off to it for so many years. In my last post, I expressed my growing appreciation for the lovely varieties of the male species. I must admit that this appreciation is evolving into reverence, and maybe even one day (dare I say?) fascination. Oh how I desire to allow myself to cross over into the blind mystical gratitude, and last night I got a taste.

I went with a girlfriend to a show at the House of Blues. Her boyfriend’s band was performing. I have seen them before, but I have not felt them before as I did last night. Three men poured their beings out over the crowd, like a halloween candy bag turned upside-down, splattering to the carpet below. Each one of them expressive, exposed and utterly magic in their moment. I couldn’t help but fall in love just a little bit with each of them. They each displayed the ultimate meaning of life……to live. And that is what turned on every yearning vagina in the cramped room. These men were alive and completely unapologetic in their aliveness. Somehow witnessing another’s unabashed expression gives us permission to be of the living as well.

My take-away from the evening is a fantastical realization that a man in his pleasure also leaves the whole world blessed. Like a newly formed addict, I’ve had a taste and I want more……..and at this point it doesn’t matter which brilliant man it comes from. Mommy likey, and I’ll have some more please.

Proclamation #1: I desire to be with men who express from the core of their being.

That’s not too much to ask now is it? Hell no! It actually seems inappropriate NOT to ask.