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Oh darlings! When it rains, it pours! And how delicious that it is pouring down while the sun is streaming giddy madness over us all! I was a tad unsettled with the lull in my dating schedule, yet also relieved by the respite. I am ready to experience the surge after a sweet cat nap. I brag that I have 3! Count them 3! dates this weekend. 1) A lovely breakfast date on Friday morning. 2) An afterwork drink on Saturday. 3) A tennis play date on Sunday mid-day.  And I have conceded to be excited about them ALL! After countless dates of fizzle and die, I am revamping my enthusiasm for fun, flirting, fabulous men.

I realized the need for this after falling off the wagon. I lied again.

I really didn’t want to slide back down that slope, but I also really didn’t want to tell this guy the truth……”I am not at all excited about seeing you. I rather go home, put on sweatpants  and do some crafting.” If that is not a blow to a man’s baby maker, then I don’t know what is. So I fucking lied, boo hiss! But I also got really real with myself. There are soooo many things in life that I am excited about (crafting included!) that it does not make any sense to do something that I am not excited about. period.

I got a little pissed at myself for not being authentic. Then I got a little more pissed at the Universe for not delivering me hunky man cakes to salivate over!!! WTF??? I’m a spicy meatball! I’m a goddess extraordinaire! I deserve to have manly hounds pawing up the steep hillside to get to my castle! Why oh why was the Universe not delivering me my desire? I could keep bitching and boo-hooing or I could do what a goddess does best! She takes responsibility for her own pleasure! Low and behold, once I made this decision, my GPS (Giant Pussy in the Sky) directed me to my first of many gifts. The Receiving Project! The Uber Magical Jo Anna Rothman is the mastermind behind this 32 day process of receiving with grace. I am declaring that for the next 32 days, It is my intention to receive gifts of love and intimacy from my abundant world! I am open to the goodness that constantly shows up for me. I am here to be adored!

If you would like to join me on this sexy game of gifts, check out The Receiving Project for free and delight in what delicious goodies come your way! This is going to be great fun!