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I asked the universe for gifts of love and intimacy. I did not specify the means in which I was willing to receive these gifts. Oops.

Through the Receiving Project I have opened my awareness of the infinite blessings that swirl around my being on a daily basis. At the end of the day, I am in awe at the goodness that is poured upon me. Thank you! But what about when the awareness comes through challenge and strife instead of being delivered in a basket by soft little woodland bunnies? Am I still grateful for that? Today I can say yes. If you asked me yesterday morning, the answer would be “Fuck You” and laden with streams of hysterical tears. Umph! What a morning! I will get back to that.

So weekend date madness changed course in mid-flight. My itinerary had three stops along the way. Turns out I liked my Friday night destination so much that I decided to stay and cancel the Saturday back end of my trip. Enter the Climber (Rock Climber). We had been talking on the phone sparingly for the length of about two months. Never meeting because he was in another state on business. From a couple phone conversations (and his poems!) I could tell this was an extremely sensitive and feeling man. He would text me pictures of his painting and also photos of flowers with bugs on them, Okay, that’s a first, but also kind of nice.

Because I had no desire to plan our date on the westside, I was coaxed down to his neck of the woods Friday night. For someone who used to groan at the mention of Long Beach, it has been impressing the snozberries out of me! I have been leaving the LBC thoroughly pleased that I stopped by. This date was by far, no exception. As far as conventional dates go, this one was pretty perfect. It probably didn’t hurt that he lives in a gorgeous building that sits on top of La Traviata, an elegantly hip joint with just the right amount of sass and class. Yes, we dined there. Yes, the young jazz ensemble set the mood. Yes, he had the coziest couch reserved for us. Sprinkle in a good bottle of wine and special attention from the owners and you have a pretty sweet time on your hands. And it was made all the more sugary by the adorable presence of this undeniably sincere man. Conversation flowed with ease. Stories were shared and light flirtation peppered our purple pillows. I was having a splendid time.

Part two takes place upstairs in his apartment. I felt comfortable embarking into his realm, and he seemed giddy to offer show and tell for me. His apartment tells the many tales of his life through trinkets from far away lands and photos of faces that no longer wake. He sits me down on a couch and plays for me. Guitar in hand, eyelids down, he serenades me. I close my eyes as well and allow the wine to melt me into this experience which feels like my very own. Not only is he amazing, he is also very nervous…..and isn’t afraid to admit it. I enjoy this vulnerable confession.  Previously I thought this enjoyment came from my dominating preference of securing the upper hand. Now I realize, I just needed an example of what vulnerable looks like. Little did I know, this glimpse of exposed humanity would foreshadow my gut wrenching week to come.

As my dreamy yawns grew in length, I knew it was time to make my way down the elevator and up the 405 freeway.  I knew I liked this guy, and I knew I wasn’t leaving without a kiss. Cue the stereo. Perfection persists…….in chimes Etta James’ “At Last.” We slow dance in the living room, my face tucked in the crook of his neck. Bliss achieved, I might have even fallen asleep against that skin. And just like Snow White, I am awakened by a kiss. A kiss that delights the senses, stops time and exists in a dream. When I awake again, it is daytime, I am home in my bed and I have a text message waiting for me. “Wow. I woke up this morning breathless.”

Yep. I have to agree. That was a pretty good date. So good in fact, that I cancel Saturday night’s date with Mr. Somebody to see the Climber again.

Ready for act two? Remember when I said I was calling in gifts of love and intimacy? Do you also remember me using the words gut wrenching? Stay tuned…………