About Briana

“At the insistent encouragement of one girlfriend, I opened an OKCupid proflie. From the place of actual readiness, I embarked on dates. At the enthusiastic request of many girlfriends, I began to write about it.

These words are posted with an ever-loving heart and a curiously processing brain. My aim is to learn from each one of my deliciously zany experiences. My joy is to get to share it with an open heart and open mind with you.”

Briana first explored the realms of loving life while growing up in Washington state, the luscious land where the ocean meets the forest and the mountains and the sky come to play. She embarked on truly loving herself while experiencing a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology in California, land of sand and sun. Most recently the joys of life were upgraded in the most delightful way upon attending Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts in New York City. All of the sudden, the importance of pleasure in a woman’s life became so apparent to Briana. Her girlfriends yearned to sponge up the decadence she brought home from the east. So, in service to giving the people what they want, Briana started offering monthly Pleasure Class for her fabulous female friends! With the wild success of these gatherings, Pleasure Class has also evolved into Private Pleasure Coaching. Women who deeply desire to live the life they always dreamed of get to work with Briana one-on-one and invite forth the grand adventure of their life.

To attend Pleasure Class, or for the opportunity to speak with Briana about living in your absolute pleasure, contact her directly at brianaschuck@yahoo.com.


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