Pleasure Class

Sorry Fellas! This is a LADIES ONLY affair.

Once a month the goddesses convene to frolic in the delight of their fancy.
Each month has a different theme in service to your own personal pleasure research.
When women come to together to support and inspire one another, magic happens!
Classes are held in Venice Beach, California.
Private group classes and parties are also available for you and your ladies!

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“Briana’s Pleasure class is like the most delicious girl’s night out, with flat-out laughter and wonderful stories and deep sharing and insight. All too frequently we forget that delight in life is our right, our responsibility, and our vitamins! Pleasure Class has reminded me how delight feels and has given me tools for bringing ever more of it into my life. I always come away from class laughing, joyful, a little more supported as a woman, and grateful for the wisdom and beauty of the women around me.”
-xoxo Lissa
“I was introduced to your Pleasure Class by a friend and I’m so grateful that I’ve been exposed to your amazing energy and awesome class.
The first class brought forth for me sadness… The reason being is because I had realized that in my day to day life, I had not been prizing myself. So to prize myself in your class and to have others prize me felt weird, strange, abnormal, and awkward. And I thought to myself after leaving that evening that I need to let go of the barriers that hold me from loving me, that keep me from knowing how amazing I am, that prizing and love from others should not feel abnormal or foreign.
Ever since then, on a day to day basis, I ask myself how to be more in love with life, how to be more in love with myself, and how to live the life that I’ve always wanted and imagined.
I haven’t figured out all the answers but at least I’m asking myself the questions.”
-Love, Janet
“I brag that I get lucky after every pleasure class! :•D LOL”

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